3 Tips To Prevent Pest Damage In Your Storage Unit

Posted on: 1 June 2016

When you put your belongings in a storage unit, you expect them to stay safe and undamaged. Unfortunately, if there are pests in your storage unit you risk your belongings becoming damaged and your items becoming infested with pests. However, there are a number of different things you can do to prevent pests from damaging your items, as well as prevent them from entering your storage unit.

Don't Store Your Items In Cardboard

If pests do find their way into your storage unit, you want to make sure that they can't get to any of your items. If you store your items in cardboard, pests can easily gnaw and chew their way through and start to infest your belongings. Instead of storing items in cardboard boxes, choose instead hard plastic bins that have tightly sealed lids. You should also avoid storing things in garbage bags, as these can be easily chewed through as well.

Take Preventative Steps

One way to ensure that your storage unit isn't overrun by pests is by taking preventative steps before you store your items. Make sure you clean out any furniture before you store it. Vacuuming, dusting and wiping it down, ensures that there aren't any crumbs or pest stowaways. If you bring just a few pests into your storage unit, they will quickly reproduce and grow out of control. Wash and dry any clothing items you are going to store.

Spray Insecticides

Once you have your items stored in your unit, you should spray the perimeter with an insecticide. Spraying the perimeter will ensure that any pests will die before they are able to enter the storage unit, or they will be so repelled by the insecticide that they will choose another unit to use as their home. Reapply the insecticide every so often so that you can ensure it retains its ability to repel and kill pests.

Don't Store Items That Are Attractive To Pests

If you don't want to attract pests, make sure you aren't giving them a reason to come to your storage unit. Resist the urge to keep things like food, plants and large amounts of paper products in your storage unit. If you must store paper, make sure it is sealed away tightly. Even though you might think that canned food might be safe to store, these cans can rupture and leak and you should avoid storing any type of food, no matter how well you think the food is sealed.

Follow these tips and you can ensure that your items that are in a storage unit don't get damaged and that your storage unit doesn't become overrun with pests.


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