Span-A-Year Promotional Calendars: Key Features To Get

Posted on: 3 January 2023

If you're looking for a great way to promote your company, you have the option to hand out promotional span-a-year calendars to your customer base. They'll give customers something practical to use when planning for the year, and your company will benefit from the free promotion. Just make sure these promotional calendars have the following features.

Large Print Area For Promotional Elements

You may want to include a bunch of different promotional elements throughout your company's span-a-year calendars. In that case, it's wise to go with some that have a large print area. Then you'll have all the space you need to customize your marketing messages perfectly to customers.

For instance, you can incorporate your company's name, email address, and social media platforms on the calendars if they have a big enough printing space. You just want to make sure there's enough room for all these essential elements to where they don't look bunched up. Rather, your customers should have an easy time making out what they say — even from a distance.

Appealing Color Scheme

If you want your span-a-year promotional calendars to have desirable effects in terms of building interest in your company, then they need to look professional and appealing. Color is one of the most important visual elements to assess and get right for these promotional calendars.

What color scheme makes sense for your company and the audience you're trying to reach? To find this out, go ahead and play around with different colors. This shouldn't be hard considering your calendar supplier should have examples of different color options already available for you to assess.


If you want these span-a-year promotional calendars to last a full year and thus continue to push your company's brand wherever they're set up, then make sure you go with calendars that are tear-resistant. This falls on the materials that they're made of. 

For instance, if you went with thick construction paper or cardboard even, you can trust these span-a-year calendars won't easily tear. Your customers can perform a bunch of actions and not have to worry about their calendars taking a lot of damage.

If you want to push your company and get more sales, then you can use promotional items. Span-a-year calendars are very popular because of their practicality and cost-effectiveness. You just need to make sure these calendars are well-made and designed correctly so that they deliver the results you're hoping for.


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