Tips For Preventing Damage To Clothes And Furniture In Storage

Posted on: 1 October 2015

Self-storage units can be a good solution for putting away the items you don't currently use, be they clothes, furniture or appliances. The main problem with storing such items for extended periods is that they may be exposed to the elements, pests and even mold, leading to extensive damage that can set you back hundreds of dollars. Here are practical tips on how to prevent damage to clothing and furniture while in self-storage.

Storage tips for clothing

Moisture, pests and mold can easily damage fabrics in storage, rendering them useless.

The first step to keeping your clothes safe is to thoroughly clean them before storage. Dirty clothes often contain bacteria and organic materials that attract pests and insects which could damage the fabrics beyond repair. Surface stains also tend to set in over time and may be impossible to remove after lengthy periods of storage.

Moths and beetles are especially attracted to natural fabrics such as wool and cotton, so be sure to thoroughly clean such items before storage. If you use starch on dress skirts and pants, be sure to remove them before storage, as they also attract vermin and insects.

The process of packing your clothes away for storage is as important as the cleaning process. Plastic containers with well-fitting lids and access to ventilation are your best bet for keeping clothing safe for extended periods. You should avoid using vacuum-sealed or airtight plastic bags, as they trap moisture and cut off ventilation, encouraging the growth of mold that causes the yellowing of fabrics. Cardboard boxes are also not very ideal, as they do little to keep out rats and mice that can easily chew though them.

Storage tips for furniture

Storing home or office furniture could be ideal if you are planning to move to a smaller space, get rid of clutter or make more room in your current space.

For starters, disassemble large furniture, if possible, to save on room in your storage unit. You should also apply wax on all wooden furniture to preserve the finish and keep out moisture.

To prevent damage, place your tabletops top-down on top of mattresses or other cushioning, while sofas, chairs, and dressers should be stored right side up so as to keep them stable. Items with mirrors should be placed in a corrugated cardboard for protection, while bubble wrap, newspaper, towels, or blankets can act as cushioning on fragile furniture parts to prevent denting or scratching. Finally, place wooden pallets on the storage unit floor to prevent mold from reaching your furniture.

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