Renting Cow-Pushers: How Your Bobcat Rental Business Helps Farmers

Posted on: 18 December 2014

If you have never seen a farmer desperate to get a cow on its feet, then you have never seen an alternative use for bobcats. Many farmers rely on bobcats for more than just dirt or snow removal. They use them to help move manure, dead animal carcasses, and lift heavy cows back onto their feet. If you are thinking about starting a bobcat rental business, then you need to go where the farmers are.

Here is how your business can benefit the backbone of America:

Farming Is an Expensive Business--You Can Help

Farmers spend thousands of dollars every year purchasing equipment and livestock. Most of the time they are borrowing money to get what they need until their crops are in and their livestock is either sent to the slaughterhouse or they receive pay for the milk their cows produce. In a country where a single cow costs about $1,800 on average, but produces only enough milk daily to garner about $20-$30, it takes a long time for that cow to pay for itself.

On top of that, the health of their animals is imperative. Veterinarian visits are quite costly, and if the farmers lose an animal to sickness or immobility, that is money down the drain. Cows are funny animals: if they lay down too long, the nerves in their bodies are strangled, their circulation gets cut off and they die. Vets and farmers use bobcats to push cows into action and get them to stand up. This is where your rentals come in handy, because they do not have to spend more money to purchase one when they can rent one.

Additional Support for Farmers

Besides helping farmers motivate their cows to get up and stay up, your bobcat rentals will help farmers reduce the costs associated with moving manure, dirt and snow. Snow and ice can negatively impact the well-being of cattle because they can slip, fall and break their legs just like people. Unfortunately, a down cow with a broken leg is a dead cow, and again, your service would help prevent the farmers' misfortunes there.

Establishing Your Bobcat Rentals Business

Most of the Midwest is an ideal place to establish your business, since there are lots of farms and farmers there raising dairy or beef cattle. Find a town close to several farms within a thirty-mile radius, and you will discover that your service is in demand. Offer bobcat repair services too, and your business just might double.

To learn more, contact a company like Summit Tool Rentals Division Of Wirtz Rentals with your questions.


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