Reasons To Consider Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Services

Posted on: 3 January 2023

Professional bloodstain pattern analysts focus on determining what happened during the commission of a crime, using the bloodstains left behind at the scene. These scientists analyze the bloodstains, droplets, DNA, and positioning to help determine what specific events occurred during a violent crime. There are many reasons to consider working with a bloodstain pattern analyst during a criminal trial, including the following: 

Determine the Presence of an Individual at the Scene

Specialized blood analysts have the science at their disposal to fully analyze any blood that is found at a crime scene. They can run a full DNA analysis of one or more blood samples, then compare it to the DNA of anyone who is involved in the case. This can help the law enforcement team determine who was present when the crime occurred, and where each individual was during each part of the act. 

Determine the Positioning of the Victim, Subject, or Objects at the Scene

A bloodstain pattern analysis service can also work with the police to help determine the placement of the victim, other subjects, or objects at the scene of the crime. These skilled scientists can analyze the entire crime scene using bloodstain forensics to provide police and attorneys with vital information to help solve violent crimes and prosecute offenders. 

Document the Sequence of Events

Bloodstain pattern analysis can also be used to work out the sequence of events during a violent crime. This documentation can be incredibly important as the police and prosecutor work to solve the crime and press charges. This process can include determining the location and description of individual stains and patterns, who the blood belongs to, and other important details. This analysis uses science to tell the story of the attack.

Determine the Type of Object Used in the Attack

Patterns of bloodstains can also help analysts determine what type of object was used as a weapon in a violent crime. Spatter patterns, spray, and drip patterns can all provide these scientists with the additional information that they need to identify this key part of a crime. 

Analyzing blood at the scene of a crime can provide the police and the legal team with vitally important information that can help them solve violent attacks. When this type of scientific data is needed, reach out to a talented forensic team in your area for bloodstain pattern analysis, area of origin determination, or DNA analysis. 

Contact a local bloodstain pattern analysis service to learn more. 


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