Out On Bail? Know And Obey The Rules

Posted on: 6 July 2022

Being released on bail should be a priority for many reasons, but mainly because you will want to work, attend school, spend time with loved ones, and more. Bail can be confusing for those faced with choices about being released as well actions that may get you in more trouble while out on bail. Read on and find out more about these issues.

Clearing Up Bail Confusion

Those arrested can be bailed out of jail using two methods. The court charges bail and it can be paid directly to them. If you want to save money, though, consider using a bail bonding agency near the jail. This type of business works with the court to pay (or guarantee the payment of) the defendant's bail but charges their clients only a small percentage of the bail. So, using a bail bonding agent is cheaper than paying the court. Speak to a bail agent to find out how inexpensive bail bonds can be when trying to get out of jail.

Bail Conditions

These rules are meant to ensure that the defendant:

  • Appears for their upcoming court dates.
  • Behaves in such a way as to avoid getting in more trouble before the case is resolved.

Though bail conditions can vary depending on the charges the defendant faces and their criminal history, some common conditions are listed below. Your bail conditions will be listed on the bail paperwork you get from your bail bonding agent when you sign the paperwork. Speak with your bail bonding agent if you have questions about the listed conditions.

  1. Appear at all court hearings. For those who don't appear, the judge can issue a bench warrant and the defendant can be picked up and jailed again.
  2. Don't carry any weapons. Even if you have a permit or think you have a need, this is a common bail condition that can get you arrested and your bail revoked.
  3. Avoid contact with certain people. In most cases, that includes others involved in the case, such as others who were arrested at the same time. Some bail conditions bar defendants from being in contact with any felon. In most cases, contact with potential witnesses or alleged victims is also prohibited.
  4. It's common to be ordered to stay in the general area. That might mean remaining in the county or state. In many cases, you may need to surrender your passport since international travel is forbidden. Speak to your bail agent if you need to travel outside of the local area for any reason.

If you have questions about your bail conditions, speak to a local bail bonding agent.


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