What Is Managed IT And Is It Necessary For Your Small Business?

Posted on: 7 December 2021

Irrespective of what your small business specializes in, your operations are inextricably reliant on information technology. From live chats with customers and online advertising to carrying out daily tasks such as task management, time tracking, and financial planning, your IT infrastructure must be capable of accommodating your business' needs reliably.

The mistake that some small business owners make, though, is assuming they simply need a couple of employees in their IT department to monitor this infrastructure; but this is not adequate, especially if they are not highly skilled in this field. Any interferences to your IT department will not only lead to downtime for your business, but you can suffer severe losses that would critically diminish your bottom line. Hence, it is always advisable to enlist managed IT services, especially if your small business is still finding its footing.

What sets managed IT services apart from running your own IT department?

In simple terms, enlisting managed IT services simply means outsourcing your information technology needs to a third party that is proficient in this field. And although you can still maintain some autonomy by having your department in place, you should be cognizant of the fact that managed IT will provide you with a comprehensive spectrum of duties which include, but are not limited to, customer support, cloud computing, maintained and repair of infrastructure, software installation, cyber security and so much more.

Moreover, not only can you personalize your managed IT package to suit your unique needs, but you should also know that your package is charged monthly, so you do not have to pay for these separate services individually.

What advantages does your small business stand to reap from managed IT services?

Without a doubt, the leading advantage of paying for managed IT services monthly rather than being solely responsible for your business' IT department is the superior security that they provide. A blunder that some people make is thinking the installation of anti-virus software in their business computers will be adequate protection when the reality is the cyber surety threats are evolving at an alarming rate. A company providing managed IT services will be keenly aware of how the cyber security climate keeps changing and will continually upgrade and update your IT infrastructure to keep these threats at bay.

The second advantage of investing in managed IT services is a more profitable bottom line. With managed IT services, your business is less vulnerable to service disruptions, so you do not have to worry about loss of income. Furthermore, when the IT infrastructure is functioning at optimum, employees can carry out their work unencumbered, which increases their overall productivity.

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