5 Features Of A Quality Business Continuity Software Package

Posted on: 25 October 2021

When it comes to a company facing disasters, the question is never a matter of if but when a firm will need to manage them. Business continuity management is the professional discipline of handling these situations. Although it's critical to have good people to handle that side of a business, it's also important to give them the best tools. Coordination is essential in a continuity scenario, and that's where business continuity software enters the picture.

Given how valuable this tool can be in a crisis, you want to know you're working with the best system for your needs. Quality matters, and here are 5 features top-tier business continuity software packages tend to offer.


The software needs to integrate with other systems you're using. You want to be able to connect your communications, tracking, inventory, and other tools. This allows you to detect crises as they're emerging. It also allows you to watch your company's response unfold.


As companies grow, their risk exposure grows with them. You need your business continuity management tools to scale with both corporate expansion and increased risk.

Scalability should be seamless, too, so you can bring more capacity online as you need it. If a crisis appears larger than you expected, a scalable system will allow you to add users and scope to your system so you can respond.

Technical Support

There's no good time to have software problems, but there are times where you can't suffer them, even for a minute. When the continuity of a company is at stake, you need to know the tech support team will be there to field your questions and resolve any issues quickly.


Every scenario in the system should fit within a clearly defined phase. Your business continuity software should allow you to define phases and provide input that informs others about the circumstances. The system should identify what assets are involved in a disruption so you can move into the response phase. As the response stabilizes the situation, you can then move it into the recovery phase and eventually give the all-clear.


Each user should see the state of the response and be able to communicate their needs. You want to have tickets for all your problems so managers can check the system and see how well the response is going. This will also reduce the odds a problem falls down a memory hole. All team members should feel their concerns are resolved before you move out of the response and recovery phases.

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