Keys To Hiring The Right Personal Assistant

Posted on: 15 September 2021

If you're a busy work professional that has a lot to do each day, it may be finally time to hire a personal assistant. They can take on a lot of important roles, such as answering calls and reminding you of important dates. Just make sure you use these tips when hiring said professional, especially if you want a good long-term fit.

Decide Between Virtual and In-Person

Technology has advanced so much that now companies have the ability to hire virtual personal assistants. You need to decide if this type of assistant makes sense or if a traditional in-person assistant is still the best option. 

If you're trying to save money, virtual might be the best path to take. There is also a little more convenience because you can talk to an assistant any time through video conferencing technology. In contrast, if you have the budget and want to be more hands-on with a personal assistant, then one that works out of your office may be a better match. 

Make Sure They Know Your Business Model

You work in a particular business sector; it could be fashion or maybe marketing. This sector should be considered when you go out looking for a personal assistant because it makes a difference in the skills and knowledge you gain access to.

If you hire a personal assistant with a background in your industry, you can expect better services without having to put in any training. They'll already know your business and how to help you manage it effectively each day.

See Them Work in Real Time

You may find a lot of good personal assistants on paper, but to truly see if they're going to be a good fit for your company, you need to see them work in real time. You can set this up by trying a couple of personal assistants out for a brief period of time.

It may be only a week, but that's plenty of time to assess things like a personal assistant's drive, multi-tasking skills, communication style, and approach to different tasks. Then once you've compiled enough data through real-world assessments, you can make a better personal assistant hire.

Personal assistants help companies accomplish a lot of important tasks, including document management and fielding calls from customers. As long as you take the search for one of these professionals seriously, you can come away with a personal assistant that ends up being great to work with. Contact a company like EliteAlternatives to learn more.


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