3 Critical Signs You Need to Have an Immediate Dental Implant Surgery

Posted on: 16 February 2021

If you feel uncomfortable about your missing teeth, you are the ideal candidate for dental implant surgery. A dentist replaces your lost teeth with a metal frame anchored on your jawbone and a crown placed on top of it. Implants can restore all the functions of your mouth, including smiling, eating, and talking.

Unlike other teeth replacement techniques, implants are comfortable and safe when you wear them. They don't need daily fixing as dentures do. Additionally, they mimic the design of your natural tooth, meaning that they will not hurt your gums, adjacent teeth, or the other parts of your mouth. The aesthetic and health benefits of getting implants are indisputable. Keep reading to learn some instances when you will need to visit a dental specialist to get a dental implant surgery.

1. You Have Gaps in Your Mouth Due to Missing Teeth

As harmless as it may sound, a missing tooth can be detrimental to your overall dental health. If unchecked, the gaps can cause gradual jaw deterioration and subsequently weaken it. These gaps may also encourage the loosening of the adjacent teeth due to a lack of support.

To avoid the devastating consequences of having missing teeth, you should think about dental implant surgery. The best time to get implants is immediately after teeth loss. That way, you will avoid further damage to your jaw and adjacent teeth.

2. Your Dentures Have Become Ill-Fitting

If dentures seem not to fit you correctly, you could be the right candidate for dental implant surgery. Your dentures might become ill-fitting over time due to the structural changes on the jaws. When that happens, they can easily fall out when eating or talking.

Another factor that makes dentures unpopular in teeth replacement is that they don't prevent jawbone loss since you place them on the jaw superficially. Dental implants can be an excellent alternative to dentures. Your dentist inserts them right inside your jawbone to ensure they are firm and robust.

3. You Are Considering Filling Your Gaps With Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a teeth replacement option, just like dentures and dental implants. In this technique, the artificial teeth get anchored to the adjacent teeth on both sides of the gap. In most cases, the dentist scrapes off some enamel in the neighboring teeth for the bridges to fit correctly. That can result in damage to these teeth over time. You can avoid this by having dental implant surgery instead of bridges. They will protect not only your jaw but also the other healthy teeth in your mouth.

If you fall into any of the above categories, it might be the right time to get dental implant surgery. Visit a licensed and experienced dentist to determine the right treatment plan for your situation.


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