Important Tips To Keep Your Air Conditioner Cooling Your House

Posted on: 30 August 2016

Have you recently purchased a relatively new house? Are you trying to figure out what sort of maintenance is required in each part of your home? Some types of maintenance are obvious while others may be less so. To keep your house feeling comfortable in the hot summer months, here are some things to remember about your air conditioner:

Get yearly tune-ups: It may seem strange to call out a repair technician when everything's working fine, but that's the only way to keep your air conditioning unit in good condition. The repair technician will check your unit for loose connections, worn parts, and other similar items. A tune-up is perhaps best scheduled for late winter. In late winter, few people will be thinking about their air conditioning, so you won't have long to wait for your appointment. It will also give you time to replace anything major before it becomes hot enough for air conditioning to be necessary.

Replace filters on time: In an attempt to save money, you may try to avoid changing filters for your air conditioning unit unless it's absolutely necessary. But even if your filter isn't completely covered in dust, it can be necessary to change out your filter. As air gets drawn through the filter, it will accumulate microscopic dust particles. Even if the filter looks only partly covered in dust, this is likely sufficient to reduce airflow through the filter. Reduced airflow will make your air conditioner work harder, eventually resulting in parts wearing out more quickly than they would otherwise. By keeping your air conditioner from having to work so hard, you can increase the time between expensive repairs.

Change batteries yearly: If your air conditioning unit has a digital programmable thermostat, it likely has a battery backup so that the programming stays intact in case of power outages. It's also possible that your thermostat doesn't have a direct connection to your air conditioner and instead communicates via radio waves. As a result, if your thermostat's batteries start to run low, you may notice your air conditioner starting to "misbehave" from time to time. It may refuse to turn on or to turn off, depending on the weak signals that it's getting and missing from the thermostat. The low powers involved mean that your thermostat batteries may last as long or longer than the batteries in your TV's remote control. However, to make sure that the batteries don't run out at an inconvenient time, it's best to replace the batteries every spring just to be safe.

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