Top Four Reasons Business Benefit From Customized Shipping Solutions

Posted on: 21 June 2016

If you ship products from your warehouse or store to your clients, you should consider having a shipping consultant come to your business, assess your shipping needs and customize a shipping solution for you. Working with a shipping consultant has several benefits. Here is a look at just four of them:

1. Improved product protection

Customized shipping solutions identify which box and which packaging materials are likely to keep your objects the safest during shipping. This reduces and nearly eliminates risk of breakage, and it helps to ensure that your shipments reach your clients in tip top shape.

Reducing breakage saves your company money in replacement and return costs as well as helping you avoid the expense of re-shipping another item to your client. In addition, reducing breakages safeguards your brand image.

2. Branding opportunities

In addition to improving your shipping process and helping to make your company look competent, customized shipping and packaging solutions also provide your business with wonderful branding opportunities. Instead of sending your items off in generic cardboard boxes or padded mailers, you can send your shipments in boxes that have been customized to your needs, and you can add your logo to the boxes.

This increases awareness of your brand. Not only will the recipient see the brand or logo on the box, anyone who sees the box throughout the shipping process will also see your logo. In many cases, you can even opt to have your logo printed on tissue paper or other packaging solutions inside the box.

3. Lower shipping costs

Typically, the larger the box, the more expensive it is to ship. Customized packaging solutions, such as from, help you avoid excess shipping fees. By helping you find a box that is perfectly sized to fit your item, customized shipping lets you avoid excess shipping charges related to bulky, unwieldy, unnecessarily large boxes or envelopes.

4. Mirrored company standards

Finally, when you customize your business's shipping solutions, you can ensure that the solutions you select mirror your company's commitment to various standards. For example, if you are trying to be as eco friendly as possible, you may want to select biodegradable boxes and packaging materials.

In other cases, if you prefer to project a luxurious image, you can opt for boxes that are lined with satin or covered with shiny paper. If sticking to a budget is your company's most important standard, you can work with your shipping consultant to find a shipping solution that mirrors that standard.


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