Working With A Limited Budget And Limited Space? How Managed Print Services Can Help

Posted on: 1 April 2016

When you have your own office space at home, you may be working in a tight space with little room for equipment. You may also be working with an equally tight budget, so how to do you get equipment costs down to something manageable? Managed print services offer several equipment options that can meet your needs and help with both the tight budget and the tight work space you have.

Retractable Touch-Screen Whiteboard

A retractable touch-screen whiteboard can pull down out of the ceiling when you need to write on it, or when you need to use it for computer images and projections. Additionally, the touch-screen feature combined with the correct software makes this board easier to use when you want to blow up images from your computer or laptop and then be able to touch the screen to alter the images. It has several applications for use, but the fact that it is retractable makes it very appealing because it is an excellent space-saving piece of equipment.

Multi-Function Printers

Standard copiers often take up as much room as a small desk. If your copier is not doing much else for you besides taking up space, you have the wrong piece of equipment in your home office. Instead, spend less money than the cost of one of these standard copiers by buying a multi-function printer, which easily fits on top of a filing cabinet (if you need it to) and performs two, three, or four functions all at once. Being able to use your printer as your copier, scanner, and fax machine becomes even more valuable to your home business when you have a machine that can conduct all of these features (except fax) wirelessly and/or send documents over the internet.

Off-Site Document Management

If you keep several hard copies of documents for your business, you no doubt have an overflow of paper documents that have nowhere to go. One of the features offered by companies who provide managed print services is off-site document management. All of your overflow is organized, filed, labeled and dated and placed in chronological order within a storage facility close to you. If you need to access these documents at any time, you only have to call the company that provides your service and request that a representative meet you at the storage facility to retrieve the documents or that the representative find the specific documents you need and send them to you.

For more options, talk to a managed print service.


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