Deployment Welcome Home Gift Ideas For The Service Member You Love

Posted on: 13 July 2015

Each year, a countless number of heroic men and women return home from military deployments. For the families eagerly awaiting their arrival, showing the military member how much they have been missed is important. If you have a loved one who is deployed, a great way to express your excitement and joy for their arrival home is to give them a special welcome home gift. Here are some special and unique gift ideas to get your started.  

Gift Card

While your loved one was on deployment, they were likely unable to enjoy a number of luxuries. Whether it's a favorite shoe store or a restaurant, the military member will likely be eager to get back to the things they enjoy. Consider purchasing a gift card for a place that they like.

In addition to store and restaurants you could also purchase a gift card or certificate for an activity. For example, golf clubs, amusement parks and spas also allow you to purchase gift cards. Think about the military member's favorite places or things to do and go from there.


Another unique idea is a plaque. One idea is to have a military plaque designed honoring your loved one's service during their deployment. If your loved one sent home any pictures while on deployment, you could have one of these pictures included, as well as the company, regimen or battalion that they deployed with on the plaque.

These types of plaques can be especially memorable for service members who are completing their first deployment or last deployment before retirement. A plaque lets the military member know that you love them, but that you also appreciate the commitment they've made to protect your freedom. Work with an awards company, like Hometown Awards, to come up with the perfect design.

An "All About You" Basket

Consider creating a custom all about you basket. When creating a custom basket, you want to collect different things that the military member enjoys. Ideas include their favorite snacks, magazines, DVDs, cologne or perfume or anything you think your loved one will find enjoyable.

The idea of an all about you basket is to collect as many of their favorite things so that they can sit back and unwind. You could also create a themed basket for your loved one, such as a spa basket with aroma therapy candles and massage oil or a video game basket with new games and gaming accessories.

Undoubtedly, giving your military member a welcome home from deployment gift will be appreciated. Whatever special gift you give your loved one, this will be something they cherish for years to come.


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