Why Your Refrigerator Isn't As Cold As It Used To Be

Posted on: 4 June 2015

If your refrigerator is not cold at all, you'll be able to immediately tell. However, there are cases where your refrigerator is almost cold enough, but not quite. You might notice that the food in your refrigerator is going bad faster, your drinks aren't as cold and the refrigerator just doesn't feel cool enough when you open it. When your refrigerator is not cool enough, you will need to investigate what is causing it so you can determine whether you need to replace it.

Clean the Evaporator Coils

Your refrigerator can get dirty and this can cause it to not cool as well. The evaporator coils found on the back of your refrigerator or underneath can become caked with dust and dirt. Fortunately, it is relatively simple to clean it with a vacuum and an attachment. Connect one of the brush attachments to the hose on the side of your vacuum and use the attachment to suck up as much dirt, dust and debris as possible. This will allow for better circulation around the evaporator coils, which can help keep your refrigerator cooler.

After vacuuming the evaporator coil, you may notice that some dirt is very stubborn. Use a cloth to wipe away any dust and dirt that remains. If you cannot reach the evaporator coil in this way, get a wire brush and use it to scrub the dirt and dust away. Even if you cannot remove everything, a little cleaning will make your refrigerator work better.

Check the Seal

The refrigerator might be working perfectly fine, but the door seal might not be keeping your refrigerator insulated well enough. To test this, try placing a piece of paper in-between the door and the refrigerator. If the piece of paper simply falls, you might need to replace the seal. Fortunately, this is much less expensive than replacing the entire refrigerator.

Look for Frost Buildup

Frost can build up around the evaporator coils. There is a frost-free feature found on many refrigerators that can prevent this, but if it fails, you may notice a mass of ice forming at the back of your freezer. The frost causes the evaporator fan to not function properly and may also cause the fan to become damaged, which may make it necessary for the fan to be replaced. You will need a refrigerator repair specialist to do this.

You may be able to save your refrigerator even if the motor is shot or any other component is not working by hiring a refrigerator repair specialist, like those at Jensen Appliance & Refrigeration. He or she can diagnose your refrigerator, order replacement parts and give you a recommendation on whether you need a new one.


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