What Constitutes The "Emergency" In Emergency Lockout Services?

Posted on: 27 March 2015

An emergency has both a universal definition and a singular definition for every individual on the planet. What you might consider an emergency may not be to someone else, and conversely the same is true. So, what exactly constitutes an emergency in "emergency lockout services?

Most 24-hour locksmith services and businesses define it in the following ways:

You Are Locked out, but Someone Else Is in Danger

Both the danger and emergency in this case applies to someone, usually a small child or infant, who is locked in a car and you cannot unlock it. The danger is that the child or baby is exposed to extreme cold or high heat and humidity inside the vehicle.

If the car is also running, it increases the likelihood that a child can climb out of his or her car seat and shift the car into gear. (This only applies to automatic transmissions, as it would be impossible for a child to shift a manual into gear.)

Infants are in danger in all of these situations, and that is the precise definition of emergency in these cases of emergency lockout.

Your Spouse is Trying to Commit Suicide

Suicide inside a locked and running vehicle definitely constitutes enough of an emergency for lockout services. If you happen to discover your spouse already passed out in the vehicle, open the garage right away. Then call for lockout services, the police and an ambulance. It is imperative to get your spouse (and anyone else in the car with him or her) as soon as possible.

Your Alarm System Will Not Shut Off

Everybody has gone out to get the morning paper off the porch without punching in the alarm pass code. Then the door slams behind you, and the alarm goes off, locking you out. This is a less extreme scenario of what "emergency" could mean in the phrase, "emergency lockout services, but an accurate example for home lockouts nonetheless.

A Few Other Extreme Situations That Do Not Require a Locksmith

Being locked out of your home while an intruder is attempting to cause your family harm, hold them hostage, or a fire has broken out are all examples where you desperately want to get back into your home. However, the police or fire department should be your first phone call in these cases because they can manage what is going on inside the home better than you can.

Additionally. breaking or opening a window can be more dangerous than the burglar, kidnappers, or fire. A locksmith is not going to want to put his or her life on the line in these situations, especially when the problem belongs to a city protection department. To learn more, contact a company like ASAP Lock & Key with any questions or concerns you have.


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