How To Treat Your Temporary Truckers Right: 4 Helpful Tips

Posted on: 9 March 2015

The need for truckers is expected to increase by approximately 11% between now and 2022. If you're having a hard time hiring enough full-time CDL drivers for your company, you may find it helpful to turn to a temporary employment agency for your staffing needs. Temp agencies carefully screen drivers before they send them to your company, so you don't have to worry about training a new driver or verifying credentials. You do, however, need to make sure you treat the drivers with respect while they are on the clock -- especially if you hope to hire some of them directly from the temp agency in the future.  

When a temporary driver arrives, don't just hand him the keys and carry on with your day. Show the worker that you value his presence by doing the following four things:

Explain Expectations

It can be stressful for workers, whether they are full-time employees or temporary helpers, to play guessing games regarding their job duties. Explain your temporary employee's duties and show him around the office so he knows where everything is located. Introduce the worker to your current staff, even if you only plan to hire the driver for a few days. Let the driver know who he should talk to if he has questions about any of your company's policies or procedures, and consider giving the trucker a printout that reiterates what you stated verbally.  

Honor Labor Laws

Depending on your state's work guidelines, you may still need to honor labor laws for temporary help. Honoring labor laws also lets your trucker know that you appreciate his help and want him to work in a pleasant work environment. Let the driver know when and how often to take scheduled breaks, and explain whether the breaks are paid. 

Thank the Temp Worker

When your temporary CDL driver finishes a shift, thank him for his time and let him know that you're glad he came to help. If the agency sent a high-quality driver, then you may want the company to send the same employee back in the future.  If you are rude or behave in an unpleasant manner, the driver may be hesitant to return. 

Leave Feedback

Some temporary employees assist multiple companies. If a friendly, dependable CDL driver helped your company out, let the staffing agency know what a great job the trucker did. This may help the worker find other temp gigs in the future, and it also helps the temp agency understand what you are looking for in a worker. 

When your company is short staffed, you don't have to suck it up and keep pushing through alone. Contact a temporary employment company, like Montu Staffing Solutions, so they can help you fill the vacancy. 


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