Own A Small Business? 2 Reasons To Switch To A Virtual Office Space

Posted on: 27 February 2015

As a small business owner, you might be trying to figure out how to stay competitive in a world filled with large corporations. Although it might seem like an impossible feat, you might be able to be more effective by ditching the high-cost office rental and switching to a virtual office space. Here are two reasons you need a virtual office, and how it could transform your business:

1: Impress Investors

If you need to build working capital, you might meet with investors from time to time to talk money. Unfortunately, if you are meeting with high-profile business people in your parent's living room, it might not send the right impression. As investors trip over potted plants and chat with your mom, they might decide to spend their hard-earned money on a company that seems a little more prepared.

However, virtual office spaces offer you the opportunity to enjoy a high-profile setting whenever you need it. Companies that specialize in virtual offices own property in upscale business buildings, and rent out meeting areas, offices, and boardrooms to businesses when they need to use the space.

Believe it or not, virtual office services can even offer you a high-end physical address. Instead of having to list your personal apartment number on your business website, you can use the virtual office mailing address. Your mail will be collected and set aside for you, until you can pick it up later. By making a strong first impression, you might be able to secure lasting business relationships.

2: Save Money

When your business is getting off the ground, it can be more susceptible to more financial risk. If you don't have a lot of money in the bank, a defective product shipment or cancelled order could mean the difference between a profitable quarter and pulling the plug on the whole operation. However, you might be able to save your money and apply it in more targeted ways by using a virtual office.

In fact, virtual offices can help small businesses save as much as 90% on overhead costs. Instead of footing the bill for a commute, full time secretaries, office supplies, and building utilities, you can use an office when you need to and work from home the rest of the time. Since virtual office companies typically have branches in different large cities across the country, you can also grow into new markets without putting your financial future on the line.

By switching to a virtual office space, you can take your company into the 21st century, reduce your financial risk, and keep your business model flexible. 


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