Give Your Child A Themed Birthday Party On A Budget With These Simple Solutions

Posted on: 29 January 2015

Themed birthday parties are a big hit with kids. But if you're not careful, you could spend way more than you need in order to pull off such an event. Looking for ways to cut the costs to stay within budget, while still providing the theme experience your child wants, is the best advice. This guide provides some ideas to help give your child the birthday party of their dreams.

Use Plain Paper Products

Most of a party's theme comes from the decorations. This means that you can opt for plain paper plates, cups and napkins. The kids won't notice this money saving change at all, especially since any decoration on the plates are covered up with pizza or cake.

In order to pull off the theme with plain paper products, purchase them in the color of the theme. For example, a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" party calls for green or brown paper products. A "Little Mermaid" party calls for light purple or light blue paper products.

Make Use of Stickers on Plain Decorations

Kids love stickers, and you can make good use of them for their birthday party. Use them to decorate some of the solid color decorations that are cheaper than the themed alternatives. Some ideas include:

  • streamers
  • table cloths
  • goodie bags
  • the exterior of paper cups

Mix and Match Balloons

Kids love balloons on the party chairs or on the tables as centerpieces. Stick with the theme and save money here as well. Choose some with the theme of the party, but mix them up with solid color balloon as well.

Keep the Cake Themed

For all the money saving tips available, the one place you want to keep the theme is on the cake. However, you can still save money in this area. For example, choose to make your own cupcakes with icing in the color of the theme and cupcake picks in the design of the theme. Alternatively, use cupcake holders that carry the theme of the party.

If you want to make your own sheet cake, and want to save money but still stick with the theme, ice the cake in the color of the paper goods. Then use number candles shaped in the theme of the party, and place themed cupcake picks in various area on top of the cake. You can buy numbered candles and decorative picks at a good price from an online store, like Victory Corps Flags Floats & Events.

Shop around to find unique ways to save money on your child's birthday party, while still giving them the theme they love. Get your child involved in creating the theme by helping with some of the above tasks.


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