Hiring A Moving Service – What You Should Know About Additional Fees Over The Estimate

Posted on: 20 January 2015

Moving is a stressful enough time, but when you have to worry about hidden costs and fees that are tacked on to the estimate that you have been given, the stress levels can increase tremendously. So, what could cause your estimate to be much lower than what you actually end up paying for a moving service? Here, you will learn about some of these fees and what you can do to maintain a service cost that is affordable.

Where You Live

Where you live and the position of your house could have an impact on the cost of the moving service. For example:

  • If the moving truck cannot make it down your street because it is too narrow, there is nowhere to turn around, or because of low overhead wires, you could face additional fees for the movers having to load your goods into one truck, transport them to the moving truck and load them onto the big truck down the road somewhere.
  • If the movers have to walk a ways from your home to their truck, you could face an additional fee. This is because it will take them much longer and cause them to put more effort into loading your belongings from the house to the truck.
  • If you do not have any street level access to your home, you could face an additional fee for stairs.

What You Move

The things that you own and are moving could cause you to pay additional fees. Owning the basics, like living room furnishings and bedroom sets are not much of a concern, but if you have a slate pool table or a hot tub that is coming with you, you may have to pay a little more to move them. This is because these types of items need to be disassembled and can be difficult to navigate through the home and to the moving truck.

Moving Insurance

You must check with your homeowner's insurance policy to be sure that it covers the move. Some policies do not cover damage to your belongings once they have left the property. You may need to add an insurance rider to cover the time that your belongings are spent in transport. You will have to decide whether to purchase the insurance through the moving company or through your homeowner's insurance company.

These are the most common fees that you could face when you get your finalized bill from the moving service. Take a look around and see if there is any way to cut the costs, or put away some extra money to cover them after the move is complete. 

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