4 Reasons To Rent A Porta Potty For Small Office Gatherings

Posted on: 5 January 2015

Are you hosting a small office gathering? Porta potties serve many great uses for weddings, concert venues, and other events. However, many business owners don't know the value a porta potty can bring for their small office gatherings. Here are four reasons you should rent one.

1. Your Office Does Not Have a Private Bathroom

If you are renting office space on a shared floor, you surely don't want your employee to disrupt the other tenants' business day. Having a portable restroom allows your employees and guests to use a facility. They are equipped with hot and cold running water and plenty of paper towels, toilet tissue, and soap.

2. Great Way to Make an Outdoor Gathering More Luxurious

Sometimes small office gatherings are best to be had outdoors, especially in warm weather. If you choose to have a more upscale event or just want to treat your guests like royalty, rental restroom trailer options are available for you. Some portable restroom trailers are large enough to place a bench inside. This is a great place for guests to break away for a while should it become too hot outside. The vanity offers a comfortable place for guests to clean up after a spill, fix their hair, or reapply makeup.

3. Keeps Everyone Satisfied with a Sanitary Environment

Hosting your gathering at a local park is not a bad idea for certain functions. The only downside is using the porta potties already on site. Renting your own ensures it's clean and sanitized. It will only be your guests using the facilities. There's less worry of muddy floors or out of stock toiletries. Your guests and you will be pleased with a fresh, sanitized environment.

4. Prevents Long Lines from Forming

No matter the size of the event, if you're serving alcohol your guests are going to need to visit the restroom more than at a normal party. The long lines do deter some people from staying a long time. Renting a porta potty is useful for your gatherings as employees and their guests will stay throughout the entire party. They won't miss any announcements or special performances you have planned.

Renting a porta potty is not just for weddings, construction sites, or emergency situations. They are the perfect addition to have for your small office gatherings to keep guests happy and comfortable. Contact your local porta potty rental company, such as A & A Porta Pottys, today to book yours. 


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